Core Services

Airport Electrical, Lighting, Control and Navigation Systems

VOR Installation

The team at OnPower Services are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of new and existing airport runway and taxiway electrical infrastructure, lighting, control, approach and navigation systems.  Our management, staff and craftsmen have decades of experience constructing and maintaining airport electrical systems.   OnPower Services is a trusted leader in airport electrical system construction with a proven history of highly successful major airport projects.  Our services include:

  • Runway and taxiway signage
  • Runway centerline, edge and guard lighting
  • Navigation and approach lighting systems (ALS) including airport beacon, PAPI, VASI, RAIL, REIL and MALSR
  • Approach and navigation including VOR and ILS systems
  • Weather and airport advisory including RVR, ATIS, AWOS and ASOS systems
  • Vaults, regulators, controls and computerized lighting management systems
  • Control tower electrical power, control and computerized monitoring and management systems
  • Airport utility, electrical and communications infrastructure construction, underground conduit, directional boring, and installation of complex duct bank and manhole systems
  • High and low voltage electrical and communication cabling systems
  • Fiber optic placement, splicing and testing
  • Airport grounding systems