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Five Core Tenets


Our five core tenets

Quality Safety Performance Integrity Value

“The outcome of consistently delivering the best products and services to our customers at the least possible cost.”

In general terms, “Value” can be expressed as a function of the benefit a customer feels they receive in exchange for the respective amount they have to give.   Accordingly, value is a construct that is ultimately measured, interpreted and recognized by the customer.  Clearly, customers define Value in different ways based on a variety situations and contexts.  Moreover, the value customers find in products or services they purchase can be enhanced or diminished by an array of factors.

At OnPower, we understand that Value is a primary predictor of customer choice and loyalty.  Accordingly, we go well beyond just trying to give customers their money’s worth.  Instead, OnPower continuously works to find ways to “create value” and maximize benefit for our customers.  We accomplish this by “thinking like our customers” and putting ourselves in their shoes.  We reach to carefully understand each customer’s situation and requirements.  We then work with them closely to deliver the best solutions, products and services that satisfy each of their needs at the least possible cost.